1979 Bolos

1979? Pine Trail Reservation Bolos

Description:       We have uncovered at least three different bolos that may have available during the summer of 1979. These are shown here. Top left is a flatter design with light clear coating. Bottom is much like the top left, with an added thick "domed" coating that is smooth. Top right is a round metal decal type application to a blank bolo design. It is not however clear if all three were sold in 1979. At least one person has stated that their memory clearly recalls the green corded examples as having been sold after 1985. So we would like more input from everyone who has any memory of these bolos. The "three tree" pattern design was originally intended to represent 1979, but could have been carried forward later for a number of reasons. Just a few ideas we must consider: The bolo were made in 1979, but excess inventory was sold much later; A 1979 patch / design was sent as an example to a bolo manufacturer after 1985 who copied it as presented.


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