2004 CV Homecoming Staff

2004 Cedar Valley Homecoming - Staff Patch

Description: In October 2004 we sponsored our second annual post-merger homecoming back to Camp Cedar Valley. 127 former and current Scouts, camp staff members and families attended the weekend of activities. These included canoeing, archery, hiking, fishing, rifle and shotgun shooting, a golf outing to Mt. Home and was capped off with a special camp fire Saturday evening. As we did for our first homecoming, a highlight of the evening was the playing of an audio recording of Jack Roy at his retirement in July 1982. This was followed by all former staff gathering around the camp fire and signing the Pine Trail Hymn.

Two insignia were provided that weekend. The Black border version shown here was available to those who staffed the event. A Green border version was given to anyone who attended the event. The design is based on a combination of our original camp patch design with the Order of the Arrow Lodge 413 totem combined with the "CV" design. The year "2004" is also incorporated into the design.

Date of Homecoming: October 1-3, 2004.
Quantity Issued:     50.
Characteristics:       Black rolled edge; Off-White background; Black lettering; Black pocket loop; 88x103mm.

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