2005 CV Homecoming Camper

2005 Cedar Valley Homecoming - Camper Patch

Description: In September 2005 we sponsored our third annual homecoming back to Camp Cedar Valley. Approximately 132 former and current Scouts, camp staff members and families attended the weekend of activities. These included canoeing, hiking, fishing, rifle and shotgun shooting, exhibits of memorabilia from our history, a golf outing to Mt. Home and was capped off with a special camp fire Saturday evening. At this point, many of the old buildings had been completely renovated. Only the Cooks Shack, Chapel and Central Showers reamined to be renovated, and work was underway on the Cooks Shack. Each completed building is renovated inside and out, to have bedrooms, showers, kitchens and various amenities we only wish we had as campers! Extensive work cleaning up the grounds and staff area had also been completed.

Date of Homecoming: September 2005.
Quantity Issued:     300.
Characteristics:       Green rolled edge; Off-White background; Black lettering; Green pocket loop; 89x104mm. Year of Issue moved to center of scroll.

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