2007 CV Homecoming Special

2007 Cedar Valley Homecoming - Special Patch

Description: For our fifth year of the Homecoming, we wanted to do a very special limited edition insignia that could only be won. This patch is the result. At supper on Saturday evening, Mike Garner and Kevin Donovan randomly had names for the youth pulled from a pot. Each person drawn received one of these patches. A limited number were also distributed to other staff as a thank you for planning support over the five year period. The "off-green" border is unique to any patch produced for Cedar Valley - it is a "Glow-In-The-Dark" thread!

Date of Homecoming: September 28-30, 2007.
Quantity Issued:     30.
Characteristics:       Light Green "Glow-in-Dark" rolled edge; Off-White background; Yellow "5"; Black lettering; Light Green "Glow-in-Dark" pocket loop; 88x104mm.

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