2008 CV Homecoming Staff

2008 Cedar Valley Homecoming - Staff Patch

Description: 2008 was attended by approximately 115 past and present Scouts returning to Cedar Valley. Murl White served as our chairman for the event. The weather was fantastic throughout the weekend. Being our sixth year of hosting a homecoming, we redesigned the momentoe patch for the weekend to be very closely inspired by the original Pine Trail Reservation shield patches originally designed by camp director Jack Roy. The dates tied the opening of the camp in 1968 with the year 2008. In addition, the scroll across the bottom recognized that the end of 2007 marked the completion of forty years of camping at the "new" Cedar Valley, Pine Trail Reservation.

We again had full run of the camp with numerious folks hiking all parts of the camp. A work crew, removed several trees back of the firebowl to once again open up the beautiful view of Lake The, and the traditional sunsets that backdropped our campfires in the old days. The shotgun and rifle ranges were open as was the original archery range. Several members played in our 6th, "Cedar Valley Open" golf tournement. Saturday we hosted our second silent auction to raise money for Scout camperships to help Scouts in our area to attend scout camp, raising almost $500. Finally Saturday night, our wrap-up campfire featured several great skits including a first ever weather quirk hereafter referred to as the "Great Gravy Storm of 2008".

Date of Homecoming: September 2008.
Quantity Issued:     75.
Characteristics:       Solid White "Ghost" edition of HS-13 camper patch; 82x88mm.

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