2010 CV Homecoming Staff

2010 Cedar Valley Homecoming - Staff Patch

Description: After the 2009 monsoon season, 2010's Homecoming enjoyed flawless weather throughout. Attendance ramped up again over 150. This year our Camp Director was Lynn Alexander. Together with a great staff, we had a number of events including our first fishing tournament. Scott Lane organized our meals which were simply outstanding. John Phillips and Jon Hardin organized a traditional campfire program at the renovated campfire circle. The evening started off with a brief recognition of the passing of our close friend and one of the founders of the Homecoming, Mike Garner. An OA member in full regalia opened the campfire with The Legend as originally performed when Lodge 413 existed. Several outstanding skits were also part of the program.

Date of Homecoming: September 17-19, 2010.
Quantity Issued:     75.
Characteristics:       Purple border; 81x88mm.

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