EAAC Eagle Scout Roll of Honor

The highest rank earned by a young man in the Boy Scouts of America is the Eagle Scout rank. Historically, only about 2% of Scouts achieve this rank so it is a significant accomplishment in the life of any young person. The requirements have varied slightly over the years but in any period it has required considerable investment of effort, demonstration of numerous varied skills and service to both Scouting and the greater community. Our Eagle Roll of Honor was developed from records provided by the National Eagle Scout Association and records of EAAC, and a search of newspaper reports from 1935 - 1960. It is likely incomplete and perhaps contains errors. We would appreciate any documentable corrections that you can provide.

At one time adults could also be awarded the Eagle rank after completing the same requirements as a youth. This practice was discouraged after World War II with very few awarded nationally thereafter. It officially ended in 1965. Since that time, the award had to be earned before a young man reached his eighteenth birthday. Our list likely includes a few of these adult awarded Eagles, although we see no indication of any after the World War II period. Prior to the incorporation of Eastern Arkansas Area Council, at least two other councils served the youth of Northeast Arkansas. The Lone Scout program also was active during these early years, whereby a youth could be a Scout and advance in rank solo or outside of a formally chartered troop. Those awards prior to September 1935 would have been from one of these early councils or as a Lone Scout. Because of the overlapping councils which came to be the area of Eastern Arkansas Area Council, as well as the timespan, it is not uncommon to see the same "troop number" repeated in numerous communities across the council area over time.

The first Eagles which we have record of having been awarded in this area were made to three individuals from Jonesboro, on January 7, 1921. Sharing the honor of being the first were Judge Charles D. Frierson (as an adult), Willie Haltom and Ned Sowle. Through December 31, 2001, when the council was merged, we have record of 1787 young men who earned their Eagle in this area.

From 1968 through 2000, each year our class of Eagles was recognized at our Council Banquet with that class being named in honor of one or two Scouters who had played a significant role in our program over a period of years. These individuals read like a whos-who of individuals, often Eagles themselves, who contributed greatly to our program. A list of these individuals can be viewed by clicking here.

Alphabetic Eagle List (By Last Name)

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