1942? Camp Cedar Valley Felt

Description:       In September 2002, John Hardin reported that he has had for some years this felt version of the first Cedar Valley patch. Since the camp did not start operation until 1942, we are not clear if the felt version would have been issued concurrently with others or perhaps represented something apart from the standard issue. We have some suspicion that the felt might have been issued in 1942 and the twill 1943 through 1946.

Like the twill version of this patch (RT-07), it may have been used with the four colored segements to denote a year of attendance between 1943 and 1946. The photographs we have examined during the mid to late 1940's however appear to show scouts wearing a twill patch with the segments. To-date, we have only seen two examples of this felt version.

Camp Location: Hardy, Arkansas
Designation:       RF-08
Characteristics: Dark Green felt; Red lettering; about 76mm.

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