Cedar Valley Felt Staff Strip

Description:       In at least 1946, and perhaps a couple of years earlier, this obscure red felt strip was issued to camp staff members for uniform wear. It probably was our very first insignia intended for camp staff. Based upon the 1946 camp staff picture we can see a few staff members wearing this insignia including Floyd "Q-Ball" Pearce who may be the person who had them produced for the staff.

This patch is one of our very rarest. The use of it had even been lost to our corporate memory until we began to examine old photographs in the late 1990's seeing something we could not quite sort out. Then a large collector in Huntsville, Alabama, made us aware of a strip which was believed to have come from Q-Ball. We later acquired this strip. In the eight years since it was identified, we have only observed two examples that still exist.

Camp Location: Hardy, Arkansas
Designation:       SF-22:2
Characteristics: Red felt; Olive Green print; 78x19mm.

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