1963 Cedar Valley Early Registration

Description:       At various times in the history of Cedar Valley, various summer camp promotions and incentives were tried. One of these was to encourage "early" registration. In 1963 we tried what we believe was our first of these early registrations with the above insignia. Typically all of these early registation promotions required that a scout register to attend camp before April 30th. Sometimes a partial payment of the camp fee was also required.

While in theory these patches should have been easy for anyone to get at the time, for whatever reasons, many scouts did not get them. Today, while not rare like other early patches, the are still not as commonly seen as you would expect. In the last several years, fewer than ten of these 1963 early registration patch have been seen for example.

Camp Location: Hardy, Arkansas
Designation:       ST-18
Characteristics: White twill; Black rolled edge; 99x76mm.

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