Cedar Valley Twill Staff Strip

Description:       This insignia was given to our summer camp staff in 1947 only based upon the review of staff pictures and other camp pictures from the era. Others may have received them latter and worn them, as apparently Doc Walker and Jack Roy did, even though they were not on the 1947 staff. While official for 1947, therefore, these may have occasionally been handed out through about 1950. We later identified another camp staff strip that was felt (SF-22:2) that was used only in 1946.

A careful study of the 1947 camp staff picture shows Floyd "Q-Ball" Pearce and a few others clearly wearing this staff insignia above their right uniform pocket. 1947 Cedar Valley shield camp patches are also visible along with what appears to be the twill versions of the round Cedar Valley patch.

This patch is very rare today. Only five are known for certain to still exist including one mint example that came originally from Q-Ball. Our best guess is that based on the camp staff size probably no more than 50-100 were produced.

Camp Location: Hardy, Arkansas
Designation:       ST-22
Characteristics: Turquoise Green twill; Red cut edge; Red lettering; 19x99mm.

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