1948 Camp Cedar Valley

Description:       For the 1948 season, Camp Cedar Valley used this small brass pin rather than a new patch. The pin was a brass color "48" that we believe was most likely placed over the center of a standard Cedar Valley shield patch (XT-16). Some collectors also believe it would have been placed on extra 1947 CV Shield patches (XT-13) over the "47" date.

In 2003 however, we acquired a patch that we could confirm orginally came from Floyd Pearce that had the pin over a standard Cedar Valley shield and not over a "47". Each camper could only receive one of these pins. A number were left at the end of camp which were turned over at a later time to Jack Roy when he became camp director. Old time staffers of the period recall that so many staff became obsessed about getting one, that in frustration and to put an end to the disruptions, Jack destroyed the remaining pins by tossing them out the door of the old administration building.

The pin was probably designed by Floyd Pearce. It is extremely hard to find now days with only three known to exist in collections.

Camp Location: Hardy, Arkansas
Designation:       XM-14
Characteristics: Brass color "48"; clasp back; 9x5mm.

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