1947 Camp Cedar Valley
"Old CV Shield"

Description:       With the 1947 camping season, our primary camp insignia changed to the basic design shown here, which we would continue to use until the camp closed in 1966. The design is of a "Shield" with a large cedar tree in the center, surrounded by "Camp Cedar Valley" in scroll, and the Red letters "C V" superimposed on the cedar tree. We also indicated the year by a "47" over the cedar tree. The Latin phrase Tenax Propositi meaning tenacious of a purpose or perhaps more clearly firmly or stubbornly sticking to an idea, goal or proposition.

Camp opened on June 22, 1947, for our now standard six week camp season. Shortly following camp, our council executive, Ward Akers resigned effective September 1, 1947. He had served as our leader since January 1, 1941. On September 15, 1947, O. Lloyd Turner took over as our new council executive.

For the trivia buff, notice that the council is referred to as EAAC on this patch. This was even though formally the name would probably remain Eastern Arkansas Council for many years. Just to keep everyone confused, when the Order of the Arrow was chartered in our council in 1949, our early lodge patches used the "EAC" initials! The "47 CV" as this patch is sometimes called, is rare today for collectors, even though perhaps 800 were produced at the time (based on camp attendance averages).

The CV shield patch was originally designed by Floyd 'Q-Ball' Pearce.

Camp Location: Hardy, Arkansas
Designation:       XT-13
Characteristics: White twill; Green cut edge; "Tenax Propsit" w/Black "47"; 77x84mm.

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