1949 - 1966 Camp Cedar Valley
Type 1 Issue

Description:       1949 marked the beginning of several years where we used the same patch. It was also the beginning of a dynasty of sorts with the arrival of Leonard "Jack" Roy as a district executive and also our new camp director. Jack would serve as our camp director virtually every year until his retirement in 1982. The growth and maturing of the summer camp program and our standards occurred during Jack's years at the helm. Jack also is credited with founding our Order of the Arrow lodge. In these early years, nearly all those inducted to our OA lodge were camp staff members.

The design used for this patch became our standard. It was taken directly from the design created by Floyd "Q-Ball" Pearce for the 1947 patch. Even when we sold this camp and built a new one at Pine Trail Reservation, the influence was so strong that the early patches of PTR and this patch are obviously related. The patch was so popular that even today it is a prized part of most camp related collections, even though probably thousands were produced.

Because this design was used for so many years, there were several reorders which creates the potential for many variants. Older versions tend to have yellowed, while those from the 1960s tend to have cleaner, brigher White twill. We have seen several examples that can clearly be identified as "different issues" of the design. This example we call the "type 1" with thin lettering. The other version is probably from the latter years and we refer to it now as the "type 2" (XT-17) which has noticably thicker lettering.

Camp Location: Hardy, Arkansas
Designation:       XT-16
Characteristics: White twill; Green cut edge; Thin Black lettering; 76x84mm; twill pattern left and right variants exist.

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