1966 Cedar Valley Early Registration

Description:       1966 was the last year of scout camping at what became known as "old" Cedar Valley. The camp had served us well but increasingly a growing community called Cherokee Village surrounded us. The neighboring scout camp at Kia Kima had already been sold to the developer and relocated to other land nearby. Several areas were considered for building a new camp, but with the growth of scouting and youth that was expected in the mid-1960's, our leadership felt we needed considerably more land and the option to offer multiple summer camp opportunities through a common scout reservation. This led to the sale of old Cedar Valley and the creation of Pine Trail Reservation.

With the announced sale of Cedar Valley, attendance for camp in 1966 was perhaps at a peak. Weeks were filled and many former scouts and scouters stopped by for one last look. As we had done for a few years, we offer the patch shown here to all who registered early for camp.

During camp, the survey work of the new owners had already begun with several areas marked for various purposes. Part of the sale agreement was that certain locations would be preserved as part of what became "Cedar Valley Park" in Cherokee Village. However, to the surprise of several staffers, survey stakes appeared in a couple more sensitive locations. Coincidentally these survey stakes all disappeared more than once. In future years, a small stake that also coincidentally looked like the missing survey stakes, which were called "Cooper Stakes", came to be used as the center post of various Order of the Arrow related fires built by the scouts at the new camp.

Because this was the last year of the camp there was considerable interest in anything with our camp name on it. As a result, the early registration patch was sought out. Even though each camper could only receive one, a number were produced and distributed. Today this is the most commonly seen example of an old Cedar Valley early registration patch.

The patch was designed by our camp director, Jack Roy.

Camp Location: Hardy, Arkansas
Designation:       XT-21
Characteristics: Red twill; White rolled edge; Lime Green lettering; Yellow fdl; 98x74mm.

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