15th Cedar Valley Homecoming - GREAT WEEKEND!!
September 29 - October 1, 2017


   At the September 2002 final Vigil induction of OA Lodge 413, the idea was discussed that we wanted to do something the next year to continue our fellowship even though EAAC was merging and would no longer be here. Thanks to the Bush family and the Cedar Valley Trust we knew that Camp Cedar Valley would be saved at least as a rural place where we could gather. What started as an idea for present and former Scouts to have a fun weekend quickly expanded in concept to include families. A few present date Scouts came with family or a unit leader who invited a small number of other youth.

   What started fifteen years ago as a casual gathering of friends has become a much anticipated annual gathering. All the original camp buildings have been renovated and moderized into very nice cabins and other facilities. Even the old rifle range has a new roof. Large numbers of families, Boy & Cub Scout groups and countless friends spanning the history of EAAC make the trek to Viola for the weekend. September 2017 was no different with approximately 210 attending the weekend set against nearly perfect weather. Temperatures were moderate, the skys blue and not a rain drop to be seen. Our patches for the year, combined with the ones from 2015 and 2016 formed a large backpatch, the center of which marked the 50th anniversary season of Pine Trail Reservation (center patch).

    Led by Camp Director David Butler, and Program Director Daniel Kueter, a great weekend of activities were available with canoeing, hiking, rifle, shotgun and archery available for all to enjoy. Dr. Kueter arranged a new activity with horseback riding available on Saturday. All the events were very popular. John Phillips setup his tee-pee at the old archery range area, and had numerous regalia from his collection out for discussion and demonstration as well. Saturday wrapped up with an evening campfire program of old favorite skits and songs, and some new skits from our present day Scouts. Sunday ended the weekend with breakfast followed by a chapel service.

   The date for 2018 has already been set which will be our 16th annual gathering. So mark your calendars for September 14 - 16, 2018, and periodically check our website for plans, details and registration information. In addition, remember, that the buildings and camp can be rented year-round for groups or individual use. The nicely renovated cabins are frequently in use but we want to encourage everyone to make more use of the great facilities. For more info on rentals, click the "Lodging @ CV" link to the left.


See you in September 2018!

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