The Seventh Annual
Cedar Valley Homecoming is Now History

September 18-19-20, 2009


   Who woulda thunk seven years ago that, this year, we would be recapping our SEVENTH annual Cedar Valley Homecoming! For seven years we've been able to gather with old friends at a magical place and make new Cedar Valley Alumni from scouters who never had the special privilege of being a camper there when it was run by EAAC. Although some of our old friends aren't around anymore, their spirits will always be hanging in the branches or waiting around Indian Rock and, now gone, Flathead Rock. Stories are always waiting to be told of their exploits. Most of them so very, very funny. Happy memories.

   Although we can't say we had PERFECT weather, nobody drowned, that we know of. This will go on record as the wettest Homecoming EVER! It rained Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday morning and Saturday night. Take a look at the photos of the low-water bridge coming into camp if you don't believe us. The only folks who did NOT get rained on Saturday morning were the golfers participating in the 7th Cedar Vally Open Golf Tournament in Horseshoe Bend. (Bill Corder, by the way, won the trophy back this year.)

    There was the usual fishing camping, canoeing, rifle and skeet shooting as well as archery. Food Chairman, Scott Lane and his crew put out some of the best chow we've had. I can still hear them talking about the Taco Salad for Saturday's lunch and, if you missed it, the pork loin for supper wasn't shabby, either. The silent auction had some really great patches you could have bid on, thanks to John Hardin and others for their donations and Stephen White for coordinating the event.. All proceeds from that event will go towards providing partial Scout camperships for several East Arkansas scouts to attend camp this coming year in Quapaw Area Council. If you know of a scout in need of financial assistance in attending summer camp, please contact our Treasurer, Cody Milburn. All checks from the Alumni account will be made out to the Scoutmaster or Committee Chairman who makes the request.

    We had several troops camping as a unit this year and hope that this trend continues in the future. We also had some Cub Scouts camping with us. Although some got quite water-logged, none were hurt, and some proved quite good on the rifle and archery ranges. These little guys are our Troops' futures. Bringing them to an event like this can only generate an excitement for camping and scouting that Den and Pack meetings cannot.

    Well, enough chit chat, for now. If you missed this one, you really did miss a once-in-a-lifetime event. Next year...our already taking shape. If you think you might want to be on Staff for it, you need to contact the insane 2010 chairman, Lynn Alexander and let him know what you would like to do. If you see a photo you'd like to have to make a print from, contact either Stephen White or Randy Jenkins. They will e-mail you a high-res copy. The ones posted here lose some resolution when being made into a web page. See ya next year!

Yours in Scouting, Mike Garner

Look back at the photos taken in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and the newest, 2009. A special 'Thanks' to all who contribute their photos, but especially to our OFISHUL Photogropher, Randy Jenkins.

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