A site maintained by members of the previous Eastern Arkansas Area Council, Boy Scouts of America. The EAAC was officially absorbed into the Quapaw Area Council on January 10, 2002. Any and all official BSA business should be conducted through that office.

The mission of the former Eastern Arkansas Area Council, Boy Scouts of America, was to help youth mature into wholesome capable, contributing and personally fit adults by instilling the values expressed in the Scout Oath and Law.

We will shortly post our photo album for the 2008 homecoming. Check back often for it!


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9/18 - 9/20/09 Date is Tentative

Our 2008 Homecoming gathering is in the history books. Once again the weather cooperated to provide an excellent weekend of fun and fellowship. We had a great crowd and particularly want to thank all of you for your support. As soon as we can gather together the pictures and prepare them for posting, we will put them up here on YOUR Cedar Valley Alumni website. Watch for updates and plans for 2009!

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