• 2 Bedrooms (1 w/Queen Bed, 1 w/2 Twin Beds
  • Sitting Room
  • Full Bath w/Shower
  • Fully Equiped Kitchen
  • Dining Area
  • Central Air / Heat
  • Grill in Front Yard / Picnic Table
  • Typical Nightly Cost: $110

Buck Horn Lodge sits near the orchard area below the Dining Hall. This lodge offers a location a bit more secluded yet centrally located. It is ideal for a family. Deer and smaller wildlife frequently can be seen around the lodge as they pass from the orchard and woods toward the lake. Unlike our other lodges, Buck Horn was originally built to be living quarters for the camp cooking staff. Used during the Scout camp years as the summer lodging for the camp director and his senior staff, it was frequently called the "Cooks Shack" or "Jack's Shack". It was completely renovated inside and out, to provide a full kitchen by moving the former entrance. Insulation has been upgraded and a new central air cooling and heat system added.

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