Our EAAC Photo Album

Beginning in 2002, we started to accumulate a large number of photographs covering a wide range of our council history. Everything from camps to district activities to people and places. The first group of pictures to go online were our Summer Camp Staff pictures.

Now we are ready to release the next collection: Pictures from our various Summer Camps, OA, People, Units and Miscellananeous things. There are literally thousands of these pictures and more to come. While we have an index, we recognize that it is incomplete and probably has many errors, missing names for example. We need your help as you examine the albums. If you are CERTAIN who someone is that is not noted in our index, please contact Stephen White. Please don't guess. Likewise, if we indicate a picture is from the 1950s and you know it is from specificially 1955, please let Stephen know and why you believe you know. Hundreds of hours have gone into scanning pictures, negatives and slides to build these albums. In some cases the pictures were in bad shape so what you see is the best we have - scratches, tears, fading, etc.

The picture index number is below the thumbnail and at the top of the large image. Please include this number when contacting Stephen. The first two digits indicate the year of the picture. 75- indicates 1975 for example. 5X- means from the 1950s (we think) while XX- means we have no clear year identifiable. A0 = 2000, A1 = 2001, A2 = 2002. The next five digits are the sequential index reference. 75-00150 for example is item 150 in our index and the picture is from 1975.

Do you have old pictures or documents that you would like to donate or share? If you do please contact us at the email link below. And check back from time to time to see what we have added.

We welcome your comments and questions as well as possible contribution of additional photographs to share with others.

All photographs in these albums are copyrighted to the Cedar Valley Alumni Association, except where the photos are property of a third party and loaned for display by the CV Alumni Aso. Anyone wishing to download or use these photos other than for personal, non-profit use, must first gain approval from the CV Alumni Aso.


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