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10/21/2017 Added Homecoming Photos for 2016 & 2017. Updated patch collection for 2017 Homecoming.
06/30/2014 Added several historical photo album groups to the Photo Album page.
06/26/2014 Set up archive of "The Legend" OA Newsletters in OA Section.
02/26/2014 Updated costs for rental of cabins and facilities on Camp Cedar Valley.
06/25/2013 Add staff photos for 1977, 1980 and 1993. Updated roster for 1970 staff photo.
05/5/2013 Posted 2013 Homecoming Registration form on MAIN page.
05/13/10 Posted 2010 Homecoming Registration form on MAIN page.
11/12/09 Additions to Winter Camp images for missing 1992 staff patch
10/4/09 Picture album from 2009 Homecoming Event
1/28/08 Picture album from 2007 Homecoming Event
6/10/07 Posted notes on Silent Auction for 2007 CV Homecoming.
6/10/07 Added details for 2007 Cedar Valley Homecoming to homecoming link.
10/31/06 Extensive changes to Eagle table; added 42 omitted names; Added list of "Class in Honor of" roster.
loc: Eagle Roster List
10/22/06 Updates to staff photos 1969-1974; Added flap issue S-9a / S9b info.
10/20/06 Added Homecoming 2006 pictures to Homecoming link.
1/1/2006 Added names for the staff members contained in the 1963 staff picture.
9/14/2005 Creation of new link section as the starting point for a new online photo album. This is still under construction. Code posted at this time is prototype.
loc: EAAC Photo Album
8/31/05 Corrected images on Old Cedar Valley issues XT-16 and XT-17; they were reversed.
12/21/2004 Extensive changes and new historical information has been added to the Council History and OA pages. All sections revised and higher resolution photographs added. These will be slow to load on dial up connections.
3/31/2004 Update on 2004 Cedar Valley Homecoming plans.
3/31/2004 Add image of early CV round felt patch
loc: 1942 Camp Cedar Valley
3/31/2004 Added info on Cedar Valley Hat Diamond patch
loc: Cedar Valley Hat Diamond
12/18/2003 OA Ordeal tapout script used till the 1970's.
loc: OA Tapout Script
10/14/2003 Updated details on the 1949 perported felt Cedar Valley patch.
loc: 1949 Camp Cedar Valley
10/14/2003 Added image and information on 1948 Cedar Valley Pin.
loc: 1948 Camp Cedar Valley
07/11/2003 Posted registration information for 1st Cedar Valley Homecoming - Sept 19-21, 2003.
04/19/2003 Revised text on OA S-33 issue and also notes from Raymond Whiteside on the Eagle Trail Issues.
04/17/2003 Updated Council History to include omitted insignia: 1993 Sharpshooter; 1997 & 1999 Eagle Trails; 1987, 1989, 1991 & 1992 PTR staff insignia.
01/13/2003 Updated the Lodge 413 Hall of Fame list. Added images and detail on twill & felt Old Cedar Valley Staff insignia.
12/09/2002 Added recently classified 1976 PTR patch with five fullsize vertical trees.
loc: 1976 PTR issue.
11/11/2002 Revised LINKS page to add new Scouting reference sources, Philmont, the official BSA catalog, and a couple of commerical outdoor vendors.
loc: EAAC.ORG Links Page

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