Frierson 1939

1939 Camp Frierson

Description:       In 1939, our council was unable to use the site at Crowley Ridge State Park, so camping was moved to a 60 acre site known as Camp Frierson that was donated for use by Judge C.D. Frierson. Camp Frierson had served as a Scout camp on several occasions including a period of time for one of the earlier councils that served our area, St. Francis Valley Council before 1935. Serious plans were made to improve the property to become our permanent summer camp. A 20x60' dining hall was constructed, deep pump well, and a creek area was dammed to provide a place for swimming and canoeing. The property bordered Craighead Forest Park.

Council Executive Robert C. MacNab served as camp director with a staff of thirteen Scouts and leaders. The camp could support 75 campers per week and cost about $7.00. The staff included Mickie Cochran, Ray Cole, Ike Davis, Roy Duncan, Cyril Garrett, Charles Gregg, Dr. W.B. Harrell, Bill Hickox, Wallace Martin, Leland McCandless, William Moore, Louis Ritter and Neil Snyder. At the end of camp, the staff had put together funds to purchase a new suit for Ike Davis who had cooked for our camps twenty years.

The site derived it's name from Judge Frierson, who not only was one of our council founders, but who had in 1912 organized one of our earliest troops and had also served as Council President of the earlier St. Francis Valley Council.

Insignia for the camp consisted of a Blue or Green felt round patch, with white printing. The central design is of a bobcat, surrounded by the words "Camp Frierson BSA 1939". At the time, bobcats were still fairly common throughout the area, and the insignia may have been as the result of seeing them around Judge Frierson's lands.

Camp Location: 4 miles Sorth of Jonesboro, Arkansas. (Pine Hill)
Dates Operated: June 11 - July 1, 1939.
Characteristics: Dark Blue or Green felt; Whitish / Yellow printing.

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