PTR 8 Mile Trail Hiker Award

Description:       Pine Trail Reservation officially had three different trail hikes available over the years. Our eight miler was the first with a companion five miler. Both were marked out in 1968 and reoriented slightly in 1969 (thanks to the lake). The eight mile trail was probably our most popular trail of the three offered.

During the staff week in 1968, our Scoutcraft staffers took advantage of having a 1260 acre camp to blaze the trail into our forest areas Officially the trail began on the parade field at the flag pole running by way of the administration building, rifle range, Indian Rock, sawmill, looped the back country and returned across the dam back to the flag pole (by way of the trading post if it was open for a welcome soda, candy bar or ice cream). The trail was originally marked with 3x4" colored wood blocks so that scouts and troops could hike it without a staffer. By using a series of modified routes a five mile trail was also available. Some old timers would contend the trail was shorter than eight miles, but depending on which staffer lead the hike it could certainly be a lot more!

We also had weekly night hikes on this trail. This flexibility allowed scouts to complete several different requirements during their week at camp. The patch was first issued in 1968 to scouts who completed the trail; continuing until about 1984 when we quit ordering the patch. One patch was available for each time the trail was completed. Because of reorders, there may be variations available, but no intentional design changes were made. Initially all were cloth backed. A reorder resulted in a slightly smaller plastic back version.

Camp Location: Viola, Arkansas
Designation:       RS-24
Characteristics: Yellow Orange solid embroidery; Black rolled edge; Cloth and Plastic back exist; CB 89x80mm; PB 85x77mm.

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