Pine Trail Reservation

Camp Cedar Valley
1968 - 2002

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Pine Trail Reservation was constructed on the rolling hills in the Ozark Mountains south of Viola, Arkansas in 1967 and early 1968. Heavy woods prevailed except for what had been the farmstead area of what became our central camp. In 1967-68, scouts began planting thousands of pine seedlings in these open areas. The camp opened for six weeks of camp in June 1968. Shortly after camp that summer, the US Army Corps of Engineers cleared the valley next to the dining hall and dammed a natural stream to create a clear 21-acre lake. By the summer of 1969, the project was completed and the dam pool partially filled allowing canoeing and rowing.

The camp property was over 1260 acres originally with a master design that would have allowed three separate camps to be developed. The initial camp took its name from our former camp - Camp Cedar Valley. This camp used established patrol and troop sites with tent platforms, a central dining hall and large instructional staff. Camp "B" was to be located south of the main lake and would have used areas where troops could setup their own tenting and cooked their own meals. Each troop was to plan their own program around support from a smaller support staff. In an uncleared valley, a smaller 16-acre lake was to be built that was intended for fishing. Camp "C" would have operated in the southernmost part of the property in the "back forty". Other than a 6-acre fishing lake, Camp "C" would have no improvements. Campers would hike in and camp in a true outpost environment, running their own program for the week.

Camps "B" and "C" were never built. To meet mounting council debt in 1977, a large portion of the unimproved lands at the southern side of camp was sold which left about 771 acres. The property remained largely the same thereafter until the merger of our council in 2001.

Today the property is a privately owned camp, but it is available for any group to use. Scout groups are especially welcomed. Most of the buildings have been converted to camping cabins suitable for family or small group use. The main Dining Hall is being readied for large group use where full camp kitchen facilities are needed. Of course, the lake is still perfect for small boating and some great fishing. The proliferation of wildlife throughout the woods and grounds is abundant. Deer, wild turkey, raccoon, rabbits, groundhogs, fox and various unusual birds are seen frequently. Two pair of eagles are periodically also observed over the lake.

The following section is a collection of the various memorabilia issued by our main camp, as well as the outpost and some specialty camps and hikes hosted from the main reservation throughout the years. If you have examples we have not listed, or corrections, please contact Stephen White.

XT-23 RS-24 XT-25 RS-26 XT-27 XT-28
1968 1st Year 8 Miler 69-71,73-76 1970 Consrv
1970 CP
XS-29 XT-30 XS-31 XS-31:1 XT-32 XT-32:1
1973-76 1973 Pre-
10 Miler
Type 1
10 Miler
Type 2
1976 Twill
XS-32:2 XT-33 XS-34 XT-35 XS-36 XT-37
1976 Solid 1977 Twill 1977 Solid 1978 Twill 1978 Solid 1979 Twill
XS-38 XT-39 XS-40 XT-41 XT-42 XS-43
1979 Solid 1980 Twill 1980 Solid 1981 CP
1981 Pre-
RT-44 XT-45 ST-46 RT-47 RT-48 ST-49
1982 Pre-
1982 CP
1983 1984 1985 1986
RT-50 RT-51 RT-52 RT-53 RT-54 RT-54:1
1987 1987 Staff 1988 1988 Staff CV Ranger
Type 1
CV Ranger
Type 2
XT-55 XT-56 ST-57 ST-58 XT-59 XT-59:1
1989 1989 Staff 1990 1990 Staff 1991 1991 Staff
XT-60 XT-61 XT-62 XT-63 XT-63:1 XT-64
1992 1992 Staff 1993 1993 Staff 1993 Shooting
XT-65 XT-66 XT-66:1 XT-67 XT-68 RT-69
1994 Staff 1994 Extra 1994 Shooting
1995 1995 Staff 1995 Staff
XS-70 XS-71 XS-72 RT-73 XS-74 XS-75
1996 1996 Staff 1996 Pre-
1996 Staff 1997 1997 Staff
RT-75:1 XS-76 XS-77 XS-78 XS-79 RT-80
1997 Eagle
1998 1998 Staff 1999 1999 Staff 1999 Eagle
XS-81 XS-82 RT-83 RT-84 XS-85  
2000 2000 Staff 2000 SM
Merit Badge
2000 Eagle
2000 High
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