1992 PTR-Camp Cedar Valley Staff Patch

Description:       1992 marked twenty-five years of operation at Pine Trail Reservation as Camp Cedar Valley which was also the number of years that the original Camp Cedar Valley existed as our camp. We wanted to mark this by making a statement in recognition of that earlier camp.

David Morris was our camp director in 1992 and together with program director Brad Barnett a very strong summer program was assembled. Attendance was expected to increase and the season was extended from three camper weeks to four.

At first glance, a serious collector might be confused by this issue thinking it is from our old Camp Cedar Valley due to the shape that was used. It was intentional that we mirrored the design from our old camp, using the primary design from that era but including a Silver Mylar border. This particular example was the restricted "Staff" issue.

Camp Location: Viola, Arkansas
Designation:       XT-61
Characteristics: White twill; Silver Mylar rolled edge; Black "Staff"; 78x83mm.

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