1969-71 & 1973-76 PTR-Camp Cedar Valley

Description:       With the summer of 1969 came the almost complete development of our facilities. The lake was built and partially filled enough that we could have canoeing and boating. The trading post was open and all buildings finished (except for our Order of the Arrow lodge that would be added in 1970). During the period of the early 1970's our basic program matured while we added various field sports, action archery and outpost camp opportunities. The backmost parts of our property remained undeveloped. Plans for additional camps remained on the master plan but financially no action could be taken. At the same time the need for such facilities lessened. Other than hiking and overnight camping, most of this undeveloped area remained unused creating a wildlife preserve.

As we did at old Cedar Valley, we intended to use the same basic patch for a number of years. The design from our first year was modified to remove the "1st" but otherwise the insignia was the same. This design, most easily identified by the "stick-man" like small trees, was used in 1969 through 1971 and again from 1973 through about 1976. Literally thousands would have been produced as a result.

For several years old Cedar Valley and again at Pine Trail Reservation, tee-shirts had been produced for campers and staff alike. These were the only staff items produced during the period that we know of being provided. In 1969, camp neckerchiefs were produced in a relatively limited quantity. These neckerchiefs had the same design as shown for the patch printed on a white neckerchief. Rarest of these is the version with "STAFF" printed below the design.

Camp Location: Viola, Arkansas
Designation:       XT-25
Characteristics: White twill; Green cut edge; Five "stick-man" trees; 76x86mm.

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