1981 PTR-Camp Cedar Valley Summer Program Segment

Description:       1981 was again a tough financial year for our council. Early in the year, it was decided by our council executive that one way to save money was to reduce the cost of various special insignia such as camporee patches and our camp patches. As a result, the "Summer Camp" segment shown here became the only official insignia issued for camp that summer. The segment was available at the camp trading post.

Very early in camp, Jack Roy decided to clear out all the "left over" patches from prior summers with some dating back to 1976. These were mostly in small numbers but at one point all were sold through the trading post.

The council patch and other segments can be seen by clicking HERE.

Camp Location: Viola, Arkansas
Designation:       XT-41
Characteristics: White twill; Red cut edge; Fits 1981 council round patch along with four other segments; 16x60mm.

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