PTR 10 Mile Trail Hiker Award (Type 2)

Description:       Some time around 1978, we reordered patches for the 10 Mile Trail. The trail had been altered significantly due to the sale of several hundred acres of land, but the intention was to keep up the trail using the remaining land.

The design for the patch was not intentionally changed and it was some years before we realized that the reordered patch actually had changed the color of the trees that it contained. This version has a much lighter color green (a Lime Green) and also has a plastic backing to the patch. This patch was still in use when the trail was discontinued about 1980. Because of the way inventory was used, it is very likely that both versions of the 10 mile trail patch may have been in the trading post stock at the same time in a small quantity of the older version.

Camp Location: Viola, Arkansas
Designation:       XS-31:1
Characteristics: Blue solid embroidery; Red rolled edge; Lime Green trees; Plastic backed; 79x77mm.

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