1972 PTR-Camp Cedar Valley

Description:       The summer of 1972 ushered in our fifth year of operation for Pine Trail Reservation. Camp facilities were now fully completed and all program areas in full swing. Our Order of the Arrow lodge built in honor of Frederick "Rick" Duschel who was killed in an accident near camp in 1969, was dedicated in 1970 bringing to a close the construction of significant facilities. Our lake had been stocked several times with fish, creating some excellent fishing for bass and other local species. 46 scouts and leaders served on our staff that summer.

To mark 1972 as our fifth year of camp, Jack Roy inserted a small Black "5" on the camp patch we had used now for three years. Since the 1st year patches from 1968 had been so popular and hard to get by the end of camp, Jack ensured plenty of these patches were ordered. About 200 were left at the end of camp. These were used at various time by Jack for gifts and in some of our OA lodge grab bags for camperships.

It is not uncommon to see this patch with a variety of threadbreaks. Sometimes one or more of the small "pine" trees would be missing; other times the entire "C V" and large tree were omitted. The example shown here for instance is missing gold mylar fdl at the bottom of the design. Quality control at National was obviously pretty slack! Some of the younger staff developed a particular interest in this mistake patches with interesting sets put together just for fun showing all sorts of errors.

Camp Location: Viola, Arkansas
Designation:       XT-28
Characteristics: White twill; Green cut edge; Five "stick-man" trees; Black "5"; 78x88mm.

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