1976 PTR-Camp Cedar Valley Twill

Description:       1976 was the national bicentennial year with considerable focus upon celebration events. Camp was no different that summer even though we had reduced the program to five camper weeks. Before camp, a special program called "Brownsea-22" was held in the forest area across the dam with a generic national patch issued for that event. The program was modeled on the first experimental camp held on Brownsea Island near the English coast by Lord Powell.

Late in 2002 while we were researching unusual versions of our issues we realized that this issue had been previously overlooked or misrepresented as a threadbreak of the 1977 issue. This design was first issued in 1976, but very likely was sold later as well as old issues were cleaned out by Jack Roy. This was particularly true in 1981 when no official issues other than a segment was available. As a result it is very possible for a camper in 1981 to have acquired one of these as their camp patch.

The best way to identify the issue is that the five small trees are stitched vertically and have a more cedar tree appearance than the earlier "stick-man" small trees. In discussing the design with 1976 staffer Randy Jenkins, we think it is likely that one of these patches was the basis for the 10th year 1977 patch that Jack Roy would have sent the manufacturer.

Camp Location: Viola, Arkansas
Designation:       XT-32:1
Characteristics: White twill; Green rolled edge; Five Green "cedar" like trees; 78x90mm.

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