1970 Council Patch Summer Program Segment

Description: In September 1970, our council hosted the first council wide camporee to be held in at least 20 years called the "Jumpin' Joe Jamboree". The event was held on the grounds of Arkansas State University near the site of the present Equestrian center. The event took it's name from the school logo of the period, "Jumpin' Joe". Scout promotion was a year long focus with a round council patch featuring the Jumpin' Joe logo around which various activity segments could be worn when earned. The actual campout was attended by over 1500 scouts. Large scale activities were incorporated much as you found at a National Jamboree.

The segment here for the "Summer Program" was primarily earned by scouts attending summer camp at Pine Trail Reservation. But it could also be earned by attending Philmont, the Charles Sommers Canoe Base, or one of the other various summer programs of that sort that were then available. These patches were acquired by the unit leader from the council office and not available from the camp trading post. So it was not uncommon for a scout to have attended camp but not to have gotten the segment.
Camp Location: Viola, Arkansas
Designation:       XT-27
Characteristics: Orange twill quarter circle; Red cut edge; 73x14mm.

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