1987 PTR-Camp Cedar Valley Patch

Description:       We celebrated twenty years of Pine Trail Reservation in 1987. We also hosted our Order of the Arrow Section Conclave that spring at camp. This required a lot of work from over 100 arrowmen. Normally, camp would be setup in late May by either a service day or as part of or lodge Ordeals. But in 1987, with the conclave in April, everything moved up. Through the hard work of all involved camp was ready.

As part of our preparations, Danny Jo McHaffey produced a small map of the main camp areas which was then etched into aluminum. These were then installed in all the camp sites and at the various buildings. They proved to be a great aid to new campers.

Camp Location: Viola, Arkansas
Designation:       RT-50
Characteristics: Green twill; Yellow rolled edge; Yellow "20"; 103mm.

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