1995 PTR-Camp Cedar Valley Staff Patch

Description:       During 1995 our Order of the Arrow lodge made it a priority project to raise funds for the construction of a COPE climbing tower. After the funds were raised we erected the tower across the road from our administration building. One of the highlights of the summer was the introduction of a weekly Cedar Valley Ironman competition. Camp in 1995 was lead by director A.J. Atwood and program director Daniel Kueter.

This patch version was restricted to our camp staff. Ironically it is freqently confused as an issue from 1985. The "60" in the design refers to the 60th anniversary of our council. The "85" in the design refers to "85" years of scouting in the United States.

Camp Location: Viola, Arkansas
Designation:       XT-68
Characteristics: Yellow twill; Red rolled edge; Black "Staff"; 76x86mm.

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