1973-76 PTR-Camp Cedar Valley (Solid)

Description:       In the early months of 1973, it was recognized that our undeveloped land was not only a bit hard to access for most campers, but with the increasing deadfall, it was becoming a risk should we have a forest fire. At the recommendation of Chuck Purvis, of the Arkansas Forestry Commission, it was decided that we needed to cut a wide firebreak around the back areas of the camp. (Mr. Purvis was also a long time friend of scouting having made special weekly trips to camp for many years to teach forestry merit badge.) This firebreak would not only provide a measure of fire control, but would also offer a trail around the camp where one did not exist.

Members of the US Army 875th Engineer Battalion (ARNG) from Jonesboro brought a bull dozer and other equipment up to camp, surveyed the proper path and cut a 10-20' wide path around areas that did not have a natural break. By carefully connecting other trails, this firebreak gave us an excellent new hiking trail!

As we had in 1969-1971, we offered the basic twill standard camp shield patch. But it was also decided that we should introduce a fully embroidered version of the standard camp patch as is shown here. Like the twill version, it was intended that it be available in non-anniversary years. There were no restrictions on buying either the solid or twill patches - you could buy as many as you wanted. The solid was more expensive reflecting the higher manufacturing cost however.

Camp Location: Viola, Arkansas
Designation:       XS-29
Characteristics: White solid embroidery; Green rolled edge; Five "stick-man" trees; 78x88mm.

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