1980 PTR-Camp Cedar Valley (Twill)

Description:       For the thirteenth year of camp at Pine Trail Reservation we continued the now familiar pattern in our camp patches to show the year by a combination of trees. As in past years, the single tree to the right of the main tree, represented ten years, with the number of trees to the left representing each additional year.

As part of camp promotion for the year, Don Belk, Jr, produced a new camp promotion video that was used throughout the council. We also did not have our traditional Service Day at camp to help with preparations. Instead our Order of the Arrow lodge held a lodge-wide Ordeal induction at camp on June 6-8. It was our first lodge level Ordeal in several years. Each chapter team held trials with three groups of two chapters each competing to see who could produce the best ceremonies. The winner then performed the Ordeal ceremony for both chapters in the pairing.

It was not intended that we stop the pattern for the our patches in 1980, but other events conspired to cause us not to do so after that summer. Probably, we would have added a fourth tree to the left the next year, although the design would have become crowded at best!

Camp Location: Viola, Arkansas
Designation:       XT-39
Characteristics: White twill; Green rolled edge; Four Green "cedar" trees; 78x90mm.

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