1977 PTR-Camp Cedar Valley (Solid)

Description:       1977 marked our tenth year of Pine Trail Reservation. To mark the occasion, Jack Roy again inserted a special mark on our standard camp shield patch - a Black "10". As we had done for several years, we also produced ceramic coffee mugs with the 10th year design, as well as tee-shirts.

Both twill and solid White embroidered version were again available as we had provided for several years. No restrictions existed on how many could be purchased and they were plentiful. The design used was the version from 1976 which had enhanced the look of the small trees to look more like the intended cedar trees.

Camp Location: Viola, Arkansas
Designation:       XS-34
Characteristics: White solid embroidery; Green rolled edge; Five "cedar" like trees; Black "10"; 78x90mm.

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