1982 PTR-Camp Cedar Valley

Description:       1982 was a significant point in our camp history for several reasons. First, it was our fifteenth year at Pine Trail Reservation. More important to us personally was that it was also the last summer that our friend and long time camp director, Jack Roy, would serve before his retirement in October following camp. The Black "15" served to note the first significant point. The very existance of the patch itself was a tribute to Jack.

The weekend of July 10th was set aside for various special presentations and activities to mark Jack's retirement. Many former staff and campers were present that weekend at camp to celebrate the occasion. It was perhaps the largest gathering of its type in the history of our camp. A highlight of the event was a presentation to Jack giving him a lifetime pass to the camp at a special retirement campfire. We also renamed the "Cooks Shack" building to be known thereafter as "Jack's Shack". Several old skits and songs were performed followed by a few remarks from Jack to the staff, and his telling a special story popular with the staff that he had told several times over the years The Dogs Had a Meeting.

Following the campfire, it was announced that District Executive Brad Gallop, a former lodge chief and staffer at PTR, would assume the role of lodge professional advisor. It had been our intention to retire the traditional camp patch shield design as well.

The primary camp patch was to be restricted to one per person to ensure all campers could receive one. After the first week of camp however, according to staffer Randy Jenkins, the restriction was lifted. Still, most only acquired one or two.

Camp Location: Viola, Arkansas
Designation:       XS-43
Characteristics: White solid embroidery; Green rolled edge; Five Green "cedar" trees; Black "15"; 74x84mm.

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