1978 PTR-Camp Cedar Valley (Twill)

Description:       In 1978, our council sold over 400 acres of undeveloped timber land at the southern end of our camp. The land encompassed the "back 40", old homestead, cave area, and the 1875 homestead cemetery. The dividing line was generally just south of the road that turned west from the "second T" area. This greatly cut into our back country and effectively ended the Outpost program for example. To add to the frustration felt by many scouters, the new owner very quickly moved to clear cut most of timber in that area. Still camp operated very successfully.

Beginning with 1978, our plan was to change the patch each year to indicate the year of camp, using a combination of the small cedar trees. The concept intended was that the small tree to the wearers right would represent our first ten years. Each tree to the left represented an additional year. In the case of this patch, One tree on each side would therefore be our eleventh year of camp. When the patch was ordered, a copy of the prior year "10th year" patch was sent to the manufacturer which resulted in the erronious inclusion of the Black "10" seen on offical patches from 1978.

Unfortunately, threadbreaks were common in our camp patches throughout the 1970's. It was not uncommon to find patches throughout without one or more of the small trees for example. Threadbreaks also occurred in 1978, so it is very possible that patches were issued that year that were missing the "10". This could easily cause confusion with earlier years. The only issues certain to be from 1978 therefore are ones with the "10" and two small trees as we depict here. Both a twill and solid embroidered version were again made available.

Image and information provided by Billy Donovan.

Camp Location: Viola, Arkansas
Designation:       XT-35
Characteristics: White twill; Green rolled edge; Two Green "cedar" trees; Black "10"; 78x90mm.

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