1968 PTR-Camp Cedar Valley

Description:       In June of 1968, following two+ years of planning, heavy construciton and a very intense staff week of preparations, our new camp at Viola, Arkansas opened for campers. Known as Pine Trail Reservation, our first camp was named for our earlier camp as Camp Cedar Valley.

The first summer was tough on the staff. During staff week, a lot of basic construction still had to be done. The staff had to carve out the staff area just to setup tents in what was briefly called by the staff "Resurrection City"; activity areas all had to be cut into the woods for the first time; a five and eight mile trails laid out and marked; temporary campfire circle setup in what would become later the bottom of the lake. In addition, many of the campsites still required work even though our Order of the Arrow lodge had done tremendous work too. At this stage of camp, the future lake had only been surveyed and our trading post was still under construction.

Inspite of the hurdles, the staff pulled it all together by week one. We went on to enjoy six great weeks that first summer and would continue to have six camper weeks until the summer of 1976 when we cut back to five weeks. Camp that summer cost $18.50 for the week, with about 1800 campers attending. The staff that summer consisted of 37 scouts and leaders.

This insignia was prepared for the first summer of the new camp as indicated by the Red "1st". Even though perhaps 2500 were produced, because of demand for them, many campers could only get one or perhaps two making this a highly sought out item. Our director, Jack Roy, intended that the design would remain unchanged from year-to-year (except for anniversary years) just as he had done for many years at old Cedar Valley. While the design was produced by Jack, the influence from the earlier design produced by Floyd Pearce is obvious.

Camp Location: Viola, Arkansas
Designation:       XT-23
Characteristics: White twill; Green cut edge; Five "stick-man" trees; Red "1st"; 78x88mm.

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