2000 PTR-Camp Cedar Valley Patch

Description:       In 2000, we redesigned our standard summer camp insignia to be more colorful. This was end result of that effort. Camp attendance was down slightly but otherwise the camp ran as planned.

Our council debt had continued to mount. We did not know it at the time but as camp closed for the season that July, the operation of Camp Cedar Valley as a Boy Scout camp was coming to an end. Through the spring of 2001 we found we could not pay bills on schedule again and again. We were months behind on our required council loan payments. In May 2001, we were unable to pay the required insurance bills to open camp for the summer and were forced to cancel the 2001 season. Shortly thereafter we were forced to merge the council and dispose of all assets including the camp.

The patch version shown here was intended to be available to all campers in the 2000 season.

Camp Location: Viola, Arkansas
Designation:       XS-81
Characteristics: Light Blue solid embroidery; Red rolled edge; 84x97mm.

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