1989 PTR-Camp Cedar Valley Patch

Description:       1989 was the 40th year of our Order of the Arrow lodge so a number of activities occurred at camp associated with that event. Lead by camp director, J.E. Monk a top notch staff was assembled for the summer. The main summer program was reorganized to allow an hour each morning for various field sports as well as to allow units more time to use the pool, rifle range archaery range and other program areas. For the first time in several summers, in addition to the camp patch shown above, we also again had camp bolos, coffee mugs and for the first time a camp pin.

During the camp season one of these camp patch was often worn in the white upper portion white cap that also had a red bill. Amoung the staff these hats came to be known as "bobber" caps. Common plastic fishing floats are most often white over red and frequently are called "bobbers" in our area. As a result of the similarity to the white over red hats they came to also be called "bobber" caps.

Camp Location: Viola, Arkansas
Designation:       XT-55
Characteristics: Gray twill; Red rolled edge; 81x78mm.

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