1997 PTR-Camp Cedar Valley Patch

Description:       1997 brought the end of an era as our long time ranger, Joe Smith retired, and our new ranger Bonnie Zimmer took the helm of keeping camp in top notch shape. Another era ended with the loss of Gardner Wright Walker of Trumann. Better known to all as G.W. "Doc" Walker, he had been a scouter for 53 years in our council from the age of 27. Doc was a local legend, widely known for having hiked his troop the 92 miles from Trumann to old Cedar Valley on several occasions. Classic stories about his dog Shorty. Unique songs that left us all laughing on the ground. In more recent times he was widely known for his ability to predict the final score of our staff - scoutmasster softball games. Then again he used a unique set of rules (or the lack of them!) when he umpired the games!

1997 marked the 30th anniversary of our camp at Pine Trail Reservation. This patch was issued to mark the occasion.

Camp Location: Viola, Arkansas
Designation:       XS-74
Characteristics: White solid embroidery; Green cut edge; Red "30th"; 90x102mm.

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