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Lodge 413

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The information provided in this section is as complete a record of all Lodge 413 issues and variants as is known to exist, as well as other unauthorized, rejected, private or "fake" issues which have been identified. We have organized the collection by major catagories for easier access. Each table consists of a thumbnail image and direct link to more information about the issue / event together with a higher resolution image of the item.

The reference codes provided in most cases, are from the The Blue Book Standard Order of the Arrow Insignia Catalog. The coding system used in the ArapahoII publication are nominally included but because this reference has not been updated in several years, they are not featured as a primary reference. Where we have Arapaho II codes, they are displayed by passing the cursor over the thumbnail image and stopping briefly.

All images contained herein are higher quality images than previous provided on this site. Depending on the speed of your internet connection, these images make take time to load. This is particularly true on a dial-up connection. The dates of issue and quantities indicated for an item are, in many cases our subjective opinion.

Copies of all images in high resolution format, along with other information on identification of the items, is available on a CD for a nominal charge. For more information please contact us at the links below.

If you believe that you are aware of any issue or varient which we have not identified, please let us know. We welcome your comments and questions. These may be directed to the webmaster.

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