Conclaves Hosted by Lodge 413

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During the more than one-half century of service to Northeast Arkansas and Scouting, Lodge 413 hosted only six section conclaves. The first of these was in 1962 at our old Camp Cedar Valley, near Hardy, Arkansas. The last was hosted in 1996 at our new Camp Cedar Valley. In between, one conclave, in 1975 was hosted at Arkansas State University.

Section Conclaves, an annual gathering of multiple lodges traditionally offered a variety of events. Some were purely entertainment such as sports competitions, patch trade, and so on. Others were education such as sessions on lodge operation, ceremonies, outfitting, etc. Still others were competative events, typically highlighted by Native American dance. Each year, a different lodge would be selected to host the conclave for their section. Because of the frequent changes in sectional alignment, particularly during the 1990's, our lodge hosted fewer than we might have otherwise. This set of patches would be the smallest to build, but also contains two of the very hardest to locate.

1962 V-C
1969 V-A
1975 SC1a
1981 SC1a
1987 SC2
1962 V-C 1969 V-A 1975 SC-1a 1981 SC-1a 1987 SC-2
1987 SC2 Staff
1996 SR9
1996 SR9 Staff
1987 SC2
1996 SR9 1996 SR9

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