Official Lodge 413 Flaps

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Our lodge issued a number of pocket flap patches over the period from about 1958 to 2002. Certain design characteristics tended to be common throughout the period, such as the cedar tree, thunderbird and lightening bolt (after all our lodge name did mean "thunder in the cedars".) Other elements are less obvious such as the inclusion typically of five smaller trees.

Many of the flaps depicted resulted from an intentional design update. Others occurred because of a manufacturing change. Still others would not have been recognized as a change until the last 10-15 years, with increased collector interest on "variations" or unintentional changes in a design such as is caused when a thread color changes during manufacture or the direction of stitch in a key design element.

BB=F1 A2=F1
BB=F2a A2=F2a
BB=F2b A2=F2a
BB=F2c A2=F2b
BB=F3 A2=F3
F1 F2a F2b F2c F3
BB=F4 A2=F4
BB=S1 A2=S1
BB=S2 A2=S2
BB=S3a A2=S4a
BB=S3b A2=S4b
F4 S1 S2 S3a S3b
BB=S4 A2=S5b
BB=S5 A2=S6b
BB=S6 A2=S3
BB=S7 A2=S5a
BB=S8 A2=S6a
S4 S5 S6 S7 S8
BB=S9a A2=S7
BB=S9b A2=S7
BB=S10a A2=S8
BB=S10b A2=S8
BB=S11 A2=S9
S9a S9b S10a S10b S11
BB=S12 A2=S10
BB=S13 A2=S11
BB=S14a A2=S12a
BB=S14b A2=S12a
BB=S14c A2=S12a
S12 S13 S14a S14b S14c
BB=S15 A2=S12b
BB=S16 A2=S12c
BB=S17 A2=S13
BB=S18 A2=S14
BB=S19 A2=S15
S15 S16 S17 S18 S19
BB=S20 A2=S16
BB=S21 A2=S17
BB=S22 A2=S18
BB=S23 A2=S19
BB=S24a A2=S20a
S20 S21 S22 S23 S24a
BB=S24b A2=S20c
BB=S24c A2=S20b
BB=S25 A2=S21
BB=S26 A2=S22
BB=S27 A2=S26
S24b S24c S25 S26 S27
BB=S28 A2=S23
BB=S29 A2=S24
BB=S30 A2=S25
BB=S31 A2=S27
BB=S32 A2=S28
S28 S29 S30 S31 S32
BB=S33 A2=S29
BB=S34 A2=S30
BB=S35 A2=S31
S33 S34 S35    
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